Secret Santa Opportunity!!

I was contacted by my neighbor, Mary Spears, to participate in Project Hawaii’s outreach to homeless children on our island via their Secret Santa program. I can not think of a better way to give back to those less fortunate than myself in a time the world remembers God’s ultimate gift.

Please read on for opportunities to support this special organization. Contact Mary Spears directly as she is the Secret Santa coordinator for Hawaii Island and will forward to you the details regarding gifts and donations,

Project Hawaii, Inc. is a Volunteer Run non-profit organization solely supported by public donations.  100% of all donations directly benefit our homeless and poverty stricken children. Feel the love of saving a homeless child today!

We are gearing up to provide over 350 homeless children with holiday cheer. From their visit with Santa, special gifts, a wholesome meal, games with useful prizes and take and make crafts. Children will also receive their Christmas stocking and a hygiene bag to help keep them clean and healthy.

YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by volunteering just a few hours of your holiday time.

Here is the information and details for volunteers.

NOVEMBER 11th & 25th is a fundraiser and volunteers will all be doing the same activity to reach our goals. We will be holding signs at the intersection and long the sidewalks with nets to collect donations from the public.

WE ARE STILL SEEKING A COORDINATOR for the 25th… Duties include setting up/taking down the table and getting volunteers situated. Connect with the volunteers before the event.

Dec. 16th  volunteers will have a variety of tasks, including helping to collect toys, talk with potential donors and hold awareness signs and nets at the parking lot exits or the intersections.

Sign up Here for an opportunity on December 16th in Hilo